The old Forster Regent Theatre

Do you remember the The old Forster Regent Theatre & Milk Bar?

Many remember in the mid 70’s Regent Theatre hosting many double feature films on Saturdays, news reels, school plays and a cartoons that a lot of children attended. Back in the day when it cost 80 cents for two movies and 20c for a large bag of mixed lollies.

Such films showcased were:
The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Count Dracula
Superman 1
James Bond – The Man with the Golden Gun
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
and the Sasquatch just to name a few.

From the 1950’s to the late 70’s this place was alive and bustling with youth. Until it was demolished in 1980.

“I remember watching my first Count Dracula movie at this Picture theater, it was so scary at 13 years old, and falling in love with my now husband.” – Margaret Bramble

What do you remember about this place?

Image source: Barry Howard 1974

More images can be found in the Great Lakes Museum collection.


  1. Followed my now husband up from Sydney. Surprised him by tracking him down in their 2 door Torana. Cemented our relationship by that meeting at the age of 16. Married my childhood sweetheart & in our latter life retired to our beautiful Forster.

  2. How well I remember the old Forster Regent Theatre and Milk Bar. During the 1940s my family regularly took holidays at Forster. Steam train to Taree, bus with luggage on top to Tuncurry, punt across to Forster unless grounded by sandbars. Holiday accommodation was a small rented cottage diagonally across from the Theatre. Sand hills encroached everywhere right up to the Theatre and to our very doorstep. When rain prevented us from spending most of our time at the ocean baths we explored the nearby bush or more particularly I remember my father making a dash across the road to buy ice cream cones from the Theatre’s milk bar and then enjoining them on our little verandah. I could go on…..

  3. I to remember the Regent with great affection. The man with the golden Gun and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang i saw as a child, Just seeing the pic of the theatre brought back so many memories. I do hope someone out there has photos of the interior, that I would love to see.

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