The Alf Jahnsen built ferry, Alma G II (Christine J), ended her career on the edge of the Shoalhaven River in August 2017. After being lifted from the river bottom, she collapsed into a heap soon after she was landed on the adjacent road.

Alf Jahnsen built the ALMA G II on the beach in 1946 for Wylie Gregory; she was launched around October 1947. This was Wylie’s second ferry to be built by Alf and it was to become a very familiar site on the waters of Wallis Lake for many years. Despite continuous negotiations with Manning Shire Council, the benefits of a separate, comfortable, passenger service were not recognised and on Dec 11th 1949, Wylie terminated the Forster-Tuncurry service and operated her as an excursion launch until 1953, when he committed suicide in his Forster home.

Alma G II under construction on Tuncurry Beach

His son took over running the ALMA G II but finally Wesley had her converted into a fishing boat by Alf and Harvey Jahnsen around 1962 before she was sold to David Adams in 1963 in Cronulla.

Classic image of the ALMA G II as an excursion cruiser – circa 1952

David then converted her into a cruising boat to be used in the sea around Cronulla and named her Christine J. After David died in 1969 his wife and son kept her at Cronulla until finally selling her to Michael Grech in 1965. Michael converted her back into a ferry but many of the original features were lost. Michael operated her on the Shoalhaven River until he sold to an unknown party in 2016.

Christine J on the Shoalhaven circa 1980

The new owners of the Christine J apparently did little with her as in January 2017 she sank in the Shoalhaven River. Attempts to refloat her in February 2017 were unsuccessful and finally she was removed from the river on the 4th of August 2017 only to collapse into a pile of rubble on the shore of the river. The remnants were scooped up and taken to the tip.
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  1. As a kid living in Tuncurry I travelled to Forster School on the punt with the cars etc. I always wanted to go on the Alma G. but couldn’t afford the fare. I think my mother let me on once, and that was it. I think I remember Harvey Jahnsen from those days long gone. I used to live in Tuncurry where the Bowling Club is now, in the late forties. It feels like I’ve become a bit historical myself, after all these years. If anyone has photos of Forster School classes 4-5-6, 1948-49-50, I would appreciate a copy. You may give them my email address, thank you.

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