Blast from the Past:The Good ‘Old’ Belle

The original Bellevue Hotel was built by Henry Miles Jnr in 1890 for Henry W Underwood at the cost of 680 pounds. It was a double storied building with a bar, kitchen and dining facilities downstairs, sleeping quarters for 20 people upstairs and a hitching rail at the front door.

In 1893 the hotel was bought by Mr J H Stephens who operated it for 20 years. Additions were made in 1913 and 1920. In the 1930’s Mr Rupert Beale added a cement tennis court, a swimming pool, a beer garden and a small zoo!

The hotel was completely destroyed by fire on the 13th July 1954 and was rebuilt on the same site as the single story hotel/motel we know today.

Copies of this image are available at the museum.

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