TUNCURRY’S WORKING WATERFRONT – Tuncurry Memorial Hall c.1929

Memorial hall

Tuncurry Memorial Hall c.1929       

Tuncurry Memorial Hall was built in remembrance of those who served and fell in World War 1. The hall was used for public meetings, dances, balls, weddings, theatrical shows, church services and ANZAC Day services. Also serving as a high school in early days, the hall later became the town’s movie theatre for many years.

The timber box’s in the foreground of the picture were used for shipping fish, packed in ice and ferns, to the Sydney markets. The box’s were 10 basket ones – the size of a small kitchen table and some were used for just that! Just behind the packing cases is the wooden trolley track, used to transport scrap timber to the butter factory from the mills.   

A stand of cabbage tree palms can be seen to the left of the hall. Once numbering in their thousands in Tuncurry, they grew right down to the water’s edge. Before the approach ramp for the vehicular ferry was concreted, operator Charlie Blows found that by splitting cabbage tree palm trunks and fixing the side by side provided a good non slip surface, however they needed regular changing.

Tuncurry’s Working Waterfront local history project is a heritage mosaic due to be installed in John Wright Park in June. The artwork has been designed as a visual representation of the early industries that utilized the waterfront site and the vital role they played in forming the foundations of the town and community.

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