A lot goes on behind the scenes in a museum that the casual visitor would be unaware of. Collections and exhibits need tender loving care, there is ongoing research, cataloging and filing, as well as maintenance and gardening, to name but a few tasks. Without the dedicated work of volunteers none of these things would be possible. If you are interested in volunteering at the Great Lakes Museum feel free to contact us or come in and have a chat.

How do I become a Volunteer?

To be a volunteer at Great Lakes Museum, you must become a member of the Great Lakes Historical Co-Operative Society Ltd, for which a small fee of $10 is charged.

Being a member gives you privileges like:

  • You can come to our General Meetings
  • You will receive our regular newsletter
  • You are covered by insurance when working in the museum complex.

What time commitment is required?

We are very flexible but we do ask that you try to make a commitment of at least one day a month for a long term volunteer. We are also happy to accommodate short term volunteers, such as student placements, if an agreed project is to be worked on.

What training is involved?

All new volunteers will receive an Induction. This gives you an overview of the practices and policies of the museum. Skills, site knowledge and experience is progressive and will be gained on the job. There may be opportunities to receive training during the year.

Does the Great Lakes Historical Society assist with travel costs or reimburse expenses?

Unfortunately, the Society is not able to cover or refund the majority of costs or expenses that result from your volunteer work with us, however, we may reimburse reasonable expenses that relate directly to the activities of the Society. These expenses must be agreed prior to any purchase or outlay from the volunteer.

What do volunteers do at the Great Lakes Historical Co-Operative Society Ltd?

There are a variety of activities that volunteers can participate in, and we can tailor your work to your particular interests.
We require the following:

  • Friendly people to interact with our visitors and answer any questions that may arise
  • Administrative people that can help with our paperwork and documentation
  • Curatorial people that can look after and maintain our artifacts and develop our exhibitions
  • Assist with events and activities

What qualifications and experience is required?

There are no specific qualifications or experience required. If you are enthusiastic and motivated to the preservation and promotion of local Historical Museum, then you are the one for us and with your help, we will preserve the history of The Great Lakes for generations to come. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us.