Museum Monthly Car Boot Sale

Each month we host a Car Boot Sale on the third Sunday of the month to raise funds towards the museum.

Come and buy some second hand, handmade and home grown items
brought to you by our local community at the Great Lakes Museum Car Boot Sale.
9am to 1pm
Corner of South St & Capel St, Tuncurry NSW


There is always a Sausage sizzle, Drinks & Entertainment! Fun for everyone!

Interested in selling? No market insurance required.
Simple arrive on the day and REGISTER at our BBQ Marquee prior to setting up at 8:30am
Any questions:
Site fee $10

Are you an Entertainer?
Have a busking license? drive a mobile coffee van? can face paint? have a jumping castle? got a fairy floss machine? Want to help with the event? We are always looking for volunteers.
Give us a call 0432 155 235 we would love to have you join us.

All money raised from site fees, donations, 10% profits from entertainment and the full profit of our BBQ goes towards the museum for future renovations, programs and general up keep.
Thank you 🙂

Join us for a fun filled day! It’s just like one BIG COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE!

We require you to fill out a form for insurance purposes on the day.




FAQ: so what is it?
A: Our car boot sale is a fundraiser for the local Great Lakes Museum plus It’s also a chance for anyone to sell their second hand items, like one big community GARAGE SALE.

FAQ: Can I just turn up on the day to sell my items?
A: Yes you can! BUT ONLY IF WE HAVE ADVISED THE EVENT IS ON. Sometimes we may need to cancel the event due to weather or other events.
PLEASE CHECK OUR EVENT LISTINGS FIRST OR ANY POST UPDATES. We also place banners up the week prior and a sign out the front and the streets.

FAQ: When do I set up and pack up?
When you arrive by 8AM please SIGN IN at our REGISTRATION/BBQ MARQUEE FIRST.
Anyone setting up earlier will not be covered by our insurance, we take no responsibility for any incidents prior to 8AM.
Set up is least by 8:00am or 8.30am at the latest before the sale starts at 9am.
Pack up no earlier than 12:30pm. The sale finishes at 1pm.
NEW SELLERS we require sellers to fill out a REGISTRATION FORM and sign for insurance purposes.
Previous Sellers please sign off on our list.
Hire of tables is FIRST IN BEST DRESSED POLICY – there are only 5 tables available to hire at $2 per table/ 30+ chairs are also available to hire for $2.

You can SUBSCRIBE to our SELLERS LIST by ticking this option on the registration form or messaging your mobile number:
Subscribing ensures you are updated with sale date reminders, weather updates, cancellations and any specials or seasonal themes.

FAQ: Do I sell out of my car boot?
A: This can be an option if you like, but we recommend bringing either a table, tarps or rugs to display your items for easy view for buyers. Even trailers are allowed as well as marquees and umbrellas.
Table and/or chairs are available to hire for $2 each. Tables are limited (7 tables) so bookings are required if you need any of these items. Pay on the day.

FAQ: When do I have to pay the site fee?
A: The site fee will be collected as soon as you arrive and sign in or register at the BBQ Marquee on the day. A receipt will be issued.

FAQ: Do I need market insurance?
A: No. The site fee contributes to donations towards the museum and covers you under our existing insurance in the designated car boot sale parking area approved by council permit. Your signature on our registration form will be required for cover.

FAQ: Where is the car boot sale held?
A: You will find us at 1 Capel street, Tuncurry NSW 2428. Every 3rd Sunday of the month.
Car boot stalls will be set up across the road from The Great Lakes Museum on the grass in South Park grounds with the entertainment, BBQ and drinks.
A volunteer (or event coordinator) will direct you to an available parking spot between our allocated area.

FAQ: Are there toilets?
A: Toilets are located across the road in the museum grounds, follow the path to the left and around the main building up the ramp or further around to the back to two other toilets. All toilets are wheelchair accessible.

FAQ: What is ALLOWED TO BE SOLD at the car boot sale?
Generally anything you would normally sell at a garage sale such as SECOND HAND/used household items from around the home and or garden eg. clothes, appliances, antiques, baby items, furniture, books etc.
HAND MADE items such as soaps, candles, art, clothing, upcycled items ect.
HOME GROWN produce and plants.
Or as per extract from the Great Lakes Council Markets-Community Policy below:
The following goods/services are ALLOWED at the car boot sale:
1. Products that have been manufactured by the stall holder and by the use of hand labour or small machinery, in small quantities;
2. Products that have been manufactured by the stall holder and at the stall holder’s own domestic premises or studio, or a community facility;
3. Products that may have some massed produced component parts which are value added through application of art or craft processes;
4. Products that have been produced by the personal efforts, skills and arts of a crafts person, or their immediate family, and may, without limiting the generality of the term, include cooking, sewing, knitting, woodworking, painting, drawing, photography, the shaping, cutting or polishing of gemstones, jewellery making and other like crafts;
6. SECOND-HAND goods, collectibles or bric-a-brac of a high quality;
7. PRODUCE that is GROWN by the stall holder;
8. PLANTS that are GROWN by the stall holder in his or her own home environment OR plants that are in POTS that have been PAINTED on or DECORATED by the stall holder;
9. Chocolate wheels, RAFFLES or other such fund raising activities;
10. Social enterprise and not-for-profit stalls; and
11. BUSKING. (with council busking licence) No amplification is to be used by a busker at the car boot sale.

FAQ: What sale items are NOT ALLOWED at the car boot sale?
A: The following goods/services shall not be permitted at the car boot sale.
1. Mass produced pre-branded products of a similar nature that are available for sale by retailers in the local business area;
2. Products that have been produced by the assembly of pre-manufactured components or the RE-PACKAGING of manufactured products into alternative containers;
3. On selling of products; (SORRY NO AVON, NUTRAMETICS, ETC.)
4. Alcoholic beverages;
5. Live animals;
6. Goods and services which may have some latent danger or are hazardous; such as weapons, knives etc.
7. Mechanical or Animal rides.

FAQ: Can I sell commercial food/drink or provide entertainment?
A: Yes you can but please contact us prior to booking. We have limited spots available or may already have a stall selling the same item.
We do not allow another BBQ on the grounds as the museum already provides this. Selling of food and drink will require a copy of your public liability and any other permits requested.
If you are BUSKING you will need to have a council busking licence.
Any other forms of entertainment such as jumping castles, face painting, balloons, crafts, workshops etc. are welcome with prior arrangements.

FAQ: What if it’s raining?
A: Keep updated on our page or via text if you have subscribed for weather updates. WE WILL CANCEL THE SALE IF RAIN IS PREDICTED DURING SALE TIMES. Rain the day prior or night prior does not affect the sale grounds as it is well drained. We will still have a car boot sale if it is lightly sprinkling, but recommend for you to BYO marquees and umbrellas, there no obligation to stay if the weather is not right for you. and buyers are very slim with wet weather.
High winds and heavy rain will result in a cancellation.
Please visit our Facebook page or for updates or register with our Sellers List to keep updated via SMS.

FAQ: When does the sale finish?
A: We finish at 1pm each event, pack up no earlier than 12:30pm
If you require to leave earlier please notify staff to ensure your exit is safe for you and the public.

FAQ: Are we allowed to look through the museum exhibit while the sale is on?
A: No, unfortunately the museum building is closed during the car boot sale and the exhibit is not open to the public until the sale has finished at 1pm. However the gates will be open for the public to access the toilets.
All are welcome from 1pm to view the museum exhibit with an entry fee of $5 per person and $2 per child. Sunday guided tours will not be available, you are welcome to self guide through the Great Lakes Museum or ask staff questions at the front desk.

(If you would like to volunteer at the Great Lakes Museum please call (02) 6554 6275 or pop in during our open times. Tues to Fri 10-2pm or Sat/Sun 1-4pm)